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Below you'll find the latest information and recent newsletters for our parents. If you're looking for term time dates or special events, head on over to the calendar. If you want to see information from the 2017 - 2018 term, take a look at our archived information.

June 2019 | The last term

Dear parents

I can’t believe it is now the last term before the end of the school year, it feels like only yesterday that some of the children joined us in September and now it’s nearly time for them to move on to school. 

During this last term we will be covering the following topics:


Week one:  3rd June: Space theme

Week two:  10th June:  Father’s Day 

Week three:  17th June: Teddy bear week 

Week four:  24th June: Physical / sporting activities week

Week five:  1st July: Transport 

Week six:  8th July: Holidays

Week seven:  15th July: Transitions (Preparing for moving on to school) 

Week eight:  22nd July: Monday fun day, Tuesday party day. (End of term)


During week two (Father’s Day theme week) we would like to invite dads, grandads and uncles in to playgroup to stay and play, all will be welcome, and you may stay for however long you would like (ten minutes or the whole session!) and on any day during that week.

For week three (Our teddy bears themed week) all the children are invited to bring their favourite cuddly toy in to playgroup with them. (Please try to name them where possible) and on Friday 21st June we will be having a fund-raising teddy bear picnic day. For a small donation of £1.00 per child we will, weather permitting, have a teddy bears picnic in the garden (Indoors if raining).

Also, on Friday June 14th Sunnyside Primary Academy school are having a fete 2:45pm – 5pm. Playgroup will be having a cuddly toy tombola. In order to make this a success we need donations of good quality second hand cuddly toys or new ones, donations can be brought in to playgroup any when from now and no later than Wednesday 12th June. Please do take a look around the fete and bring lots of pennies to spend!!

For children leaving playgroup to start school, we will be giving you your child’s transition report. This is simply a brief report on your child’s development in the three primary areas of learning (Personal, social and emotional; communication and language; and, physical development) This is just to give your child’s new teacher an idea of their development so far. Once your child’s key person has given you your child’s transition report, you need to read it carefully, then fill in the ‘Voice of the parents section’ sign it and return it to preschool, we aim to have all transition reports handed back in ready to give to schools by the end of June.

Along with the transition document you will be given a questionnaire to fill in, the questionnaire is about your views on our service. We will use the returned questionnaires to evaluate our practice. The questionnaires do not need to be signed so you can remain anonymous. Completed questionnaires can be put in to the red post box situated in the main entrance or handed to a staff member which ever you prefer.

For children returning in September, please remember that a while back Karen gave you a form to fill in about what sessions you would like for your child. You child has been allocated the sessions you requested on the form - if you would like to be reminded of what you chose please check with Karen.

For children returning to playgroup in September we close at the end of the day on Monday 22nd July. We re-open after the summer holidays on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

The children leaving us to move on to school are invited to attend one last session on Tuesday 23rd July in the morning for a leavers party. The party starts at 8:45am and will end at 11:45am. Children will need to be collected at this time (No lunch club, no afternoon session). Please note: the party is for children leaving playgroup only, there will not be a lunch club running on this day nor will there be an afternoon session.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children leaving us all the best for big school! the ladies at playgroup are very proud of you all and will miss you very much, but we are confident you all have a bright future ahead of you, and a big thank you to our lovely families, for all your support with fund raising events, and working with us to support your child’s learning. I hope everyone has a lovely summer break.

Room Leader


April 2019 | Return from Easter


Dear parents

Welcome back after the Easter holidays, I hope you all enjoyed some family time and lots of chocolate.

Firstly, thank you all so much for supporting us with our Easter raffle, we raised £63.90   Which is fantastic, congratulations to all the winners. 

At the end of last term, we said goodbye to Amanda and sadly this term we say goodbye to Lynn who has worked at Sunnyside playgroup for the past 12 years. Lynn’s last day working with us will be on Friday 3rd May. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Lynn happiness and success in her new job. 

I would also like to thank Andrew Blooman for helping us by putting together the new book corner furniture which arrived flat packed, Andrew saved myself and Karen from having to attempt to build it. Thank you very much Andrew. 

During this term we will be covering two main topics which will be exploring growing and change over time, and mini beasts / insects.

It is a short term this term we finish on Friday 24th May and return on Monday 3rd June 

Room leader 


March 2019 | World Book Day, Pet's Week and Easter Fund raising

Dear parents

Welcome back after the half term break, I hope you had some lovely family time.  Just to let you know about some upcoming events. 


On Thursday 7th March it is world book day. To celebrate world book day, we are going to be having a fund-raising fancy-dress day.If your child will be attending playgroup on Thursday 7th March, they are invited to come dressed as a favourite book character (or any fancy dress) if they would like to, and we will be asking for donations (suggested amount £1) which will go towards improving our book area in playgroup. 


In order to include all the children (including those that do not attend playgroup on Thursdays, or those that do not like dressing up), during the week beginning 4th March we will be having a literacy week, and all the children may bring in their favourite book / story from home that staff can read to them and their friends if they would like to (please name them). 


During the week beginning 18th March we will be having a pet’s week. Children are invited to bring in a photo of their pets or any family members pets, to show their friends at group time (please write your child’s name on the back of any photos thank you).

During the week beginning 25th March we are going to be talking about people who are special to us (in line with making Mother’s Day cards). Children are invited to bring in a box containing photos of people who are special to them, then in small groups they will have the opportunity to share what is in their box, talking about the photos and why they are special to them. We call these chatter boxes, as they encourage the children to use lots of language, and develop their confidence to talk in small groups. 

I have also listed what other topics we will be covering this term:

Week 1, beginning 25th February: 

  • Listening and attention skills


Week 2, beginning 4th March:

  • Listening and Literacy 

  • Pancake day (Tuesday) we will be having pancakes for snack

  • World book day (Thursday) Fancy-dress fund-raising day


Week 3, beginning 11th March:

  • Fun week, children’s favourites


Week 4, beginning 18th March (Start of our Easter fundraising):

  • Pets

  • Bring in photo of pets


Week 5, beginning 25th March:

  • Communication/ people who are special to us

  • Chatter boxes, containing photos of people we love               

  • Mother’s day cards


Week 6, beginning 1st April (Stay and play week):

  • Monday is parents evening

  • Easter  

  • Easter cards


Please note the last week of term (week beginning 1st April) is stay and play week. You are invited to stay and play with your child at playgroup on any of the sessions your child attends during this week, you may stay for part of a session or all of a session. You may bring younger siblings with you but please be aware they remain your responsibility whilst in playgroup. A reminder letter will be sent out nearer the time. 


Also Monday the 1st April we will be holding a parents evening. It will start at 4pm and the last appointment time will be 6-15pm. A letter detailing how to book your appointment time will be sent out nearer the time. 


Easter fund raising

We will be having a small Easter raffle. Raffle tickets will be available from the 18th March.

We will also be sending home an Easter challenge for you. At the end of term each child will be given a small Smarties box, once your child has eaten the Smarties we would like you to fill the box with small change and return it to playgroup once we reopen after the Easter holidays. 


Finally, we break up on Friday 5th April and we return Wednesday 24th April. 

Room Leader


February 2019 | Stay and Play, Half Term, and Book Week

Dear parents

Just a quick reminder that the week beginning 11th February is our stay and play week, and we break up for half term on Friday 15th February. 

We re-open on Monday 25th February. 


On Thursday 7th March it is world book day. To celebrate world book day, we are going to be having a fund-raising fancy-dress day. If your child will be attending playgroup on Thursday 7th March, they are invited to come dressed as a favourite book character (or any fancy dress) if they would like to, and we will be asking for donations (suggested amount £1) which will go towards improving our book area in playgroup. 


In order to include all the children (including those that do not attend playgroup on Thursdays, or those that do not like dressing up), during the week beginning 4th March we will be having a literacy week, and all the children may bring in their favourite book/story from home that staff can read to them and their friends if they would like to (please name them). 


I will inform you at the beginning of the next term regarding what other topics we will be looking at. 


Hope you all enjoy the half term break. 


November 2018 | Halloween Fundraising


Dear parents


Just a quick note to let you know how our Halloween fundraising day went. We all had fun dressing up.  

We raised £26 on the day from Halloween donations, plus we had two very generous donations of £10.00 each which was very much appreciated. In total we raised £46. 00, which is a fantastic total. Thank you very much for all your donations. 

We will of course be organising more fund raising activities in the near future (at our Christmas parties) and monies raised on any upcoming events will be put towards improving our book corner. 

Once again on behalf of myself and the team, we would like to thank you for your support and donations. 


Elaine Kilner

Room leader

October 2018 | The next few weeks...


Dear parents


Just to let you know what topics we will be covering over the next few weeks.


Week beginning 5th November: Fireworks and Diwali

Week beginning 12th November: Emotions (On Monday we will be making poppies)

Week Beginning 19th November: Literacy and listening

Week Beginning 26th November: Literacy and listening continued

Week beginning 3rd December: Winter & looking after ourselves and animals

Week beginning 10th December: Starting to make Christmas decorations

Week beginning 17th December: (3 days only) Normal sessions Monday and Tuesday, party day Wednesday


On Monday 12th November we will be making poppies and we would like to invite all the children to wear something red for that day to help us commemorate poppy day.


During our literacy weeks, we would like to invite the children to bring in a favourite story from home, that we can to read to them and their peers in small groups.


On the 14th December it is Christmas jumper day, we are going to have a Christmas jumper fund raising day, so the children can (if they wish to) come to playgroup in a Christmas jumper, we will be collecting donations and suggest a donation of £1.00.

Our last normal day of term will be Tuesday 18th December, On Wednesday 19th it will be Christmas party day. Because we have 50 children on the register we have to split the day in to two parties, so there will be a morning party and an afternoon party (please note, there will not be all day care or lunch club available on this day). We will be sending out another letter to you soon, this will go in to more detail about which party session your child is invited to and what time the party will start and end. For working parents who need to be organised we aim to get this letter to you by mid/end of November, also on this day you will be invited to join the party at some point to see you child sing to Santa, so try to keep this day free in your diaries.


Room leader


September 2018 | Welcome to Sunnyside


Dear parents

Firstly I would like to welcome back all the children, and welcome all our new little ones and families. I am sure all the children will settle in to pre-school soon. If you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff. However , please be aware that the beginning and end of each session is our busiest times, and it is when staff need to be at their most vigilant. We would like to give you our full attention and therefore we may politely ask that you wait one moment to ensure all the children are safely on or out of the setting before we can speak to you. Alternatively, you can arrange to talk to one of us at some point during the day, either at the setting or via the phone/email. 


Telephone: 01604 820 082


We can also be found on Facebook and via our website. Please be assured we use Facebook and our website to send reminders of events. We never put names of your children or their photos on Facebook or our website.

No mobile phones

Please could I remind everyone that pre-school is a no mobile phone site. This is for the safety and protection of all the children. If you receive a call whilst in pre-school you must leave the building before answering your phone. 

Please note: pre-school is also a no smoking area. 

Key worker system

We offer a key worker system, which means each child has a key worker, you should have been told who your child’s key worker is but if you have not please speak to Elaine who will be happy to tell you who it is. Your child’s keyworker Is responsible for developing a good key worker relationship with you and your child to help them monitor your child’s development and ensure they are helping them progress. 


Library system

We offer a library system, children can chose a book to take home with them, once you have read it to them they can then bring it back to pre-school and chose a different one. Each child has been given a clear plastic bag which is their book bag. Please return books in their book bag, and place in the blue box labelled ‘books in ‘ which is situated in the entrance area. Once they have chosen a new book we will put it in their book bag and it will be placed in a box labelled ‘books out’. In this box is also a file for each child, in which we will place any pictures/painting that are ready to go home, so please check it from time to time. 


In the entrance area we also have a book swop scheme, for both parents and children, so you may help yourself to any of the books in the boxes and once you have read them you can return them and swop them for another one, you can also donate any books you have that you have finished with to our book swop system. 

Contribute to our planning

We would also like to draw your attention to our planning board in the playroom. We value parental input, so if you have any particular topics you would like us to cover in the planning or any special interests your child has that you would like us to talk about, please use the post-it-notes on the board to write down your ideas and then stick them to the board. Thank you.


Stay and play

Sunnyside pre-school has an open door policy, which means you can stay and play with your child at any time whilst they are here. You may bring younger siblings with you but they will remain your responsibility whilst you are here. We also offer stay and play weeks throughout the year, which we usually offer during the last week of every term, however sometimes it is not possible to offer stay and play if we are having a very busy term such as near to Christmas. We will send out letters and put it on face book when we are offering stay and play weeks. 



We recommend that you do not send your child in new clothes. Your children will be given opportunities to play with mud, paint, glue, and gloop etc and worrying about their clothes restricts their enjoyment and fun/learning through these lovely messy activities. We cannot be held responsible for ruined/stained clothes and therefore it is better not to send them in anything you will be upset about should it become stained. 


Outdoor clothes

We will offer out door play all year round, please remember this and send appropriate outdoor clothing such as coats, hats, gloves etc in the cooler weather and sun hats in the summer (Can all outdoor clothes be named please)

Lunch boxes

Can all lunch boxes be named please we often have two or more of the same and it can be confusing if not named. Please can I remind you we do not allow fizzy drinks, sweets or anything containing nuts (Due to nut allergies) in lunch boxes. We also cannot heat up food. 



Playgroup has two rabbits, called Ronnie and Bonnie. We gratefully receive any donations towards their up keep (Donation pot next to signing in book in entrance) In addition we also gratefully receive any donations of food such as any vegetables they like to eat (Carrots, cabbage, broccoli etc). 

Topics we covering this term

This week: we are looking at musical instruments.

Week beginning 17th September: Technology

Week beginning 24th September: The colour red

Week beginning 1st October: The colour blue

Week beginning 8th October: The colour yellow

Week beginning 15th October: Free choice (Repeat children’s favourite activities from the term) 


We close for half term on Friday 19th October and re-open on Monday 29th October. 


Any questions please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Elaine Kilner

Room leader


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