Whistle Blowing Policy

Policy statement

The aim of this policy is to encourage employees and others who have serious concerns about aspects of the playgroups work to come forward and voice their concerns. It is the intention that staff, students and volunteers working at Sunnyside Preschool playgroup feel confident about coming forward and reporting serious concerns about any aspects of the setting. This policy document makes it clear that employees, students and volunteers can raise concerns without fear of reprisals.



How to report a concern

Initially, staff, students and volunteers should raise any concern either verbally or in writing with the Preschool Manager, Safeguarding lead or Management committee. Concerns should include;

  1. Reference to the fact that it is a whistle blowing disclosure

  2. Names dates and places

  3. The reasons why you are concerned about a situation 

  4. The background and history of the concern 


Who should you contact?

You should contact one of the following people:

  • Mrs Ann Brown - Chairperson

  • Mrs Karen Nightingale – Playgroup Manager

  • Miss Elaine Kilner – Safeguarding Lead


If staff feel uncomfortable reporting their manager or senior member of staff, to any of the named personal, they understand they can go straight to the DO (Designated Officer) formally known as LADO. Details of all committee members are shared electronically with all staff.


All staff / volunteers know they can contact the organisation  Public Concern at Work for advice relating to whistle-blowing dilemmas, they can be accessed online on 02074046609.

All staff know that they can contact the NSPCC whistle-blowing helpline  for  free advice and support, telephone number 0800280285.

Ofsted can also be contacted, and details how to complain to Ofsted are online. 



Whistle-blowing is when someone raises concerns about wrong doing or malpractice in their workplace. Examples would include;

  • bringing attention to a health and safety risk

  • corruption or fraud

  • unacceptable punishment of a child in a nursery

  • abuse of a child or vulnerable person 

  • failure to comply with statutory or legal obligations

  • falsification of financial records or bribery

  • covering up wrong doing or malpractice



This policy is intended to

  •  encourage and enable staff, students and volunteers to raise genuine and legitimate concerns.

  •  support staff, students and volunteers to take an active role in elimination of poor practice.

  •  ensure concerns are investigated appropriately.

  •  protect those making the complaint from victimisation or retaliation.

  •  every effort will be made to keep the ‘whistle-blowers ‘identity confidential, however in a situation resulting in  legal proceedings the ‘whistle-blower’ may be required to come forward as a witness.




Legal framework

  • This policy covers issues of a genuine concern relation to misconduct or malpractice pertaining to business activities and the workplace, this is in accordance with the Public Interest \ Disclosure Act1998. This covers behaviour which amounts to:

  • Criminal offences

  •  Failure to comply with any legal obligations

  •  Miscarriage of justice

  •  Danger to health and safety of individuals / and or the environment 

  • Action to deliberately conceal evidence of the above categories

  • Issues to be raised may relate to;

  • the inappropriate treatment or care of a child 

  • Any breach in the behaviour of manager, staff student or volunteer


Further guidance

  • NSPCC – every childhood is worth fighting for. Whistle-blowing advice line 0800 028 0285 

  • Whistle blowing to Ofsted about safeguarding in the local authority children s services. 

  • Working Together To Safeguard Children 2018

  • Keeping Children Safe In Education


This policy was adopted by

Karen Nightingale

Sunnyside preschool playgroup



Date to be reviewed


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